Anthony Cummins

A Pirate's Interpretation of Reality

September 17, 2015

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S y n o p s i s

According to Anthony Cummins he was a real pirate. As such, he was able to navigate the seas for five decades. He was what most people do not in a lifetime. This has given him a unique perspective to relay information in a very unique way. During this interview we will discuss some of his stories, lessons and messages conveyed. Anthony gives us a pirate's interpretation of reality.


B i o

Past CEO of Marine companies; Cummins Shipping, Victoria Marine Conversions, Cummins Sea Deliveries and the Flying Dog Experience (Philippines). Past CEO and founder of Fast Line and the Posterflag Company (Italy). He was also a Pirate and has always been a Pirate since he was a child. He knows it's not easy to believe, let's face it, 'occupation Pirate' is hard to take seriously right? But that's the situation, he is a present day Pirate and yes, he has captured ships and done everything a classical Pirate should do to be recognized by his or her peers. Of course it was cool and an advantage that no one believed who he was. However now he is 'semi' retired and has decided to 'come out' and tell it how it is. It has become a misfortune to be "unbelieved" and has now caused me him a prime communication problem. Or in simple words, No one believes who he is or what he does. He is here to reveal secrets and bring a message, a heavy message but if this message is to be accepted then the messenger must first somehow become credible.
























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