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When you subscribe you receive:

  • Instant ON DEMAND access to all our shows and take VERITAS with you anywhere, including download of new shows via iTunes.

  • Discounted rate.  The regular 3-month rate is $32 but you receive a 25% discount (one month free per quarter) as long as your subscription is active and pay only $23.97 per quarter).

  • Best audio quality anywhere (128kbps CD audio quality)

  • You can download or stream all shows.

  • Lower quality audio files for those with low bandwidth / dial-up connection

  • No commercial interruptions (although other shows are free, you pay with your time.)

  • No censorship (at other shows sponsors dictate format and content - NOT HERE)

  • Bonus features: The Veritas Forum, weeklly newsletter, advance preview to shows, bonus interviews, discount pricing on show transcripts.

  • For just .26 cents per day you have access to all our past, present and future shows. 

  • What are you waiting for?  We give one hour or half of every show for free.  Isn't it time you listen to the rest?  VERITAS is ALTERNATIVE MEDIA FOR DISCERNING MINDS.

  • Still undecided?  Listen to other shows and compare. 






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