Neil Kramer

 Countering Belief-Based Perceptions and Cultural Conditioning

January 14, 2011

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S y n o p s i s

This was Neil Kramer's first appearance on Veritas.   We discuss paths to authentic being, countering belief-based perceptions, attunement, inner growth, personal reality models vs. collective ones, cultural conditioning, the WikiLeaks saga, tactics to circumvent media programming, self-awareness, conscious feedback loops, field communication and how the inner spiritual work is pivotal to all apparently external gameboards.  During segment two we go deeper into new material and contemplate some of the underlying motivations and dynamics that affect us all every day.

On a daily basis we are witnesses to double speak.  Here are a few examples:

Diversity = Standardization
Choice = No Choice
Education = Conditioning
Defence = War
Economy = Slavery
Terrorism = Opposition
Culture = Approved Self Expression
Health = Illness
Medicine = Poison
Success = Failure
Freedom = Dependence

Why are there those who want to enlighten us with their beliefs, yet they don't want to listen to what others have to say our counter their beliefs?  These and many more topics were discussed.

B i o

Neil Kramer is an English writer, philosopher, and teacher, specializing in the fields of consciousness, metaphysics, and mysticism. Kramer has made a lifelong independent study of philosophy, mystical traditions, religion, inner alchemy, occultism, and esoteric world history. He shares his path of transformation and empowerment in writings, interviews, and lectures, as well as giving one-on-one teachings and group workshops. He is a frequent guest on leading alternative radio and internet shows, enjoying international audiences and enthusiastic support. His work regularly features on cutting-edge web sites, news portals, and popular television networks in the US, UK, Canada and Europe. Kramer has spoken at numerous international conferences and events, including The Beyond Knowledge Conference 2009, The Alternative Research Community Convention 2010, The Transitional Alchemy Tour 2009/10, The Awakening & Transformation Conference 2011, The New Living Expo 2012, and The 2012 Global Transformation Conference. Kramer speaks on many fascinating subjects and is renowned for his unique blend of lucidity, empowerment, and authenticity. He travels widely with his writing and teaching work. He lives in Oregon, USA.

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