Marshall Klarfeld

The Anunnaki Were Here!

April 5, 2013

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Could what we believe about mankind's creation be wrong? Are we alone in the universe. Are there other civilizations out in the universe that could be like us? Did they come to visit us? Are they trying to visit us? Is there a god? What was the purpose of the pyramids and all the magnificent megalithic structures around the world that in the 21st century we have not been able to replicate after thousands of years? We have heard the theory of how a more advanced race mixed their DNA with the homo erectus to create the homo sapiens to mine gold. What if the sole purpose of many megalithic structures in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas were built as washboards to collect gold from running water and had nothing to do with what you thought until now? These are some of the questions that tonight’s special guest has pondered all his life. He wants to know everything.

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Upon graduating from Caltech in 1951, Marshall Klarfeld began a 30 year career with Wallace J.S. Johnson's company, UP-RIGHT, INC. In 1963 Marshall's boss Wallace Johnson was elected Mayor of Berkeley California. Sharing Johnson's business and political philosophies, Klarfeld became his aide de camp. This partnership produced two national political campaigns, including the New Hampshire presidential primary election of 1976. In spite of all this excitement throughout his life, the lingering questions about man's origins that Marshall pursued while an undergraduate at Caltech still haunted him. He is the author of the book titled "Adam the Missing Link" which blows the lid off a closely-held package of historical and scientific facts proving that the human race was created by alien genetic engineering technology nearly a quarter of a million years ago. In 2012 Marshall discovered a new Equatorial time-line that appears to date the construction of the Giza Pyramids, Easter Island statues and the Nazca Lines to over 100,000 years ago. He has also discovered a new theory that BRANDS these structures as creations of the space age civilization called the Anunnaki.

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