Scott McQuate, Ph.D.

The Tribulation:

Hidden Secrets Revealed From Texts Predating The Bible

June 19, 2014

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The Tribulation is a real event of earth-altering importance that is said to take place after the Rapture during the End Times and it is something that will effect everyone, regardless of their religious affiliations or beliefs. If you are a Christian, however, who thinks you already understand the Tribulation or are a non-religious person who thinks it is a myth, either way, you need to think again. The Tribulation period is highly-misunderstood because of many doctrinal lies and misconceptions that have been touted as fact and unbeknownst to present-day Scholars, Pastors and Theologians, the subject of the Tribulation is not unique to the Bible. The shocking facts of this epic, all-important event were also spoken of within cultures long pre-dating the Bible, such as the Mayan, Sumerian, Hindu, Canaanite and others but, just as prophesied in Daniel 12:4, Proverbs 25:2 and elsewhere in the Bible, they have been intentionally concealed for millennia...until now. For a watered-down and tremendously adulterated understanding of the Tribulation, we can look to the current version of the Bible and to those who teach the tribulation 'doctrines' that have been corrupted, but if we want to understand the Tribulation accurately and truly know what this imminent, earth-altering event is about, we must look to not only the un-adulterated words of Jesus, but to other cultures pre-dating the Bible from which nearly all of the Biblical stories were taken. These are the 'old paths' spoken of by Jesus, which He stated were 'good'. The portrayal of events within the Bible, as a fact, have been twisted and filled with leaven as Jesus warned they would be, but just as prophesied, the veil is being lifted in these Last Days and 'The Book' is being opened. This is where Dr. Scott McQuate's research is crucial. As an author and researcher who has spent many years and hundreds of thousands of hours asking, seeking and knocking to delve into the deeper, hidden meaning of this and other ancient stories, his works finally explain the Biblical riddles that have never been understood by the teachers, pastors and theologians of our world.


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Dr. Scott McQuate is an internationally-acclaimed author and lecturer known around the world for his research into ancient texts. He has been on dozens of radio shows and has taught thousands of individuals from all over the globe, many of which have been personal students of his at his private learning network, The Inner Circle. For more than a decade, Dr. McQuate has spent hundreds of thousands of hours uncovering the truth that has been concealed from the world by the 'lying scribes' warned about in Jeremiah 8:8 and the 'coverers' of truth spoken of throughout the Bible under different aliases. If you have ever read Dr. McQuate's works before, you know that they are incredibly interesting, of extraordinary value and contain content that is above and beyond the ordinary. As a fact, there is nothing else like them in the world. Rest assured that you will be blown away by what he has discovered hidden beneath the ancient texts and shrouded stories of the Bible regarding The Great Tribulation as well. The information Dr. McQuate provides is life-changing and is of only the highest quality. If you are a genuine truth-seeker, when you read Dr. McQuate's books or listen to his teachings, you will know once-and-for-all that you have found what you've been seeking. This is information that is not available from any other source, is exclusive to Dr. McQuate's research and will transform your thinking. As a no-nonsense individual, Dr. McQuate has only one goal in mind; teaching the truth, so you can be free.

























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