New Discovery in Egypt


Carmen Boulter shares material related to her presentation:


A. Map of Egypt + the Fayoum Oasis


                             B. Distance from Hawara Pyramid to the Nile


                            C. View of the mud brick pyramid from the canal at Haw


D. Using Petrie map above to locate Hawara on Google Earth


                  E. From Petrie's Ten Years of Digging in Egypt - 1881-1891


                F. Results of 2008 GPR on-site tests


​F1. State-of-the-art​ high definition satellite-based scan was used



                          G. The site is 107 acres, the size of 81 football fields



         H. 82 chambers appear on 2 distinct levels at 60+ feet and 130+ feet deep



I. Chambers within the green circle were each measured



J. Chamber measurements on the Blue Level (60+ ft) east of the canal


K. Chamber measurements on the Red Level (130+ ft) east of the canal



L. Chambers within yellow circle west side of the canal were measured



M. Chamber measurements Blue Level (60+ ft) west side of the canal



              N. Copper engraving created by Athanasius Kircher in 1670 from artifact found in the labyrinth







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