Leonardo Wild

A Paradigm Shifting Perspective on Money, Health and Education

June 2, 2016

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Tonight, we discuss politics, banking, money, education, health, and more, from a very different perspective. If you choose to listen tonight, you will do so at your own risk. Because, after all, you're a victim too, you just might not know it. But i personally refuse to engage in victimhood mentality. I refuse to give in our power or my devotion to anything or anyone. That is why we discuss what others refuse or ignore.


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Leonardo Wilde is an author, director, and screenwriter with 11 books and 200 published articles as well as 42 produced scripts. Although he wears many hats, writing has been his livelihood and passion since age twelve. Currently the CEO and co-owner of a company dedicated to environmental solutions, Wild has traveled extensively: sailed across the Atlantic and the Pacific--was the skipper of a million-dollar yacht at the age of 24 in New Zealand and in 1989 survived a cyclone Harry, a Category 4. He walked three times over the Andes into the Amazon jungle with Native Indians, took part in gold survey expeditions in Ecuador's rain forests, cycled across South America, built wooden houses, advised Ecuador's Central Bank on currency design; these, and many other experiences, are invariably being weaved into my writing.

































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