David Weiss

Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole

November 3, 2016

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S y n o p s i s

We discussed the following topics and more:

  • 911 and the satanic ritual surrounding it.

  • Boston Bombing

  • Crop formation 

  • The Nice France truck attack

  • The Pulse night club shooting 

  • The Cassidy Stay family massacre.

  • The money system 

  • Flat Earth

  • Hillary being sick and faking appearances.  

  • Peoples ability to think due to Fluoride, Vaccinations, GMOs and Chemtrails.

  • No Forests on Earth

  • Natural Law and consent.

  • Cancer and Cannabis.

  • The PTB don't want our money

  • ...and more


B i o

From David Weiss:

I live just outside NYC on the shore in CT I was packing his bags on the morning of 9/11/01 to fly from LGA to Ohio when I heard a report of a plane hitting one of the WTC towers. After seeing the second explosion and my phone going dead I headed down the road to the shoreline where he had an unobstructed view over the water of the WTC towers. I saw the first tower disintegrate up close through binoculars before I heard the explanation on the radio. In the coming days with all the replays on the news I knew something was wrong with what they were saying and showing. It took about 4 years before I was able to say anything publicly after realizing that 911 was a mass media and government run deception beyond what I was able to comprehend at that time.

My research lead me to many other deceptions from the Federal Reserve banking fraud system to the spraying of our sky with chemicals and fake wars. Then came the ridiculously fraudulent shooting hoax of Sandy Hook followed by the Boston Marathon hoax bombing.

3 years ago I started a podcast called "Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole"‚ where we discussed all the conspiracy topics and mixed them with some raw humor to attract an audience that other conspiracy shows might not attract. The show ran weekly for 3 years and the topics of discussion were were posted on the Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole Facebook page. Information on 911, Sandy Hook and Boston was flowing at such a fast rate that I started a separate Facebook page dedicates exclusively to them called "Exposing The Big Three"‚

I was one of the researcher involved with the making of the documentary, "We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook"‚

In the last 2 years, government / media run hoaxes have picked up pace and we had: San Bernardino shooting hoax, Charlie Hebdo shooting hoax, the Paris shooting hoax, The Nice Truck massacre hoax, Cassidy Stay family shooting hoax, The Orlando Pulse club shooting hoax. ISIS hoaxing Brussels bombing hoax Umpqua college shooting hoax. The live TV reporter shooting hoax Along with countless others

I decided to create a website that would compile all this information so anyone new to it can find quality information quickly and weed out all the garbage www.DeepInsideTheRabbitHole.com Or short www.DITRH.com About a year and a half ago when I thought I knew just about everything, people started posting links to the ridiculous notion that the earth was flat.

Oh lord! Can a guy get a break! Answer: Not right now.

































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