Ian Wilson

Vox Populi: Close Encounter of T3K, Consciousness, and Dreams

September 26, 2019

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S y n o p s i s

Tonight's witness had a first encounter when he was a 14-years old. It involved three other people, and a group of non-human entities which, to this day, was his first and only experience of this nature. The event occurred during the 1986 Perseid meteor shower. But even though we will discuss his initial experience, we'll also discuss his post-encounter experience.



B i o

Tonight's Vox Populi's witness is Ian Wilson. Following his encounter, Ian started to explore a state known as lucid dreaming in 1987 and has explored consciousness during sleep for over 32 years. Ian is the author of 4 books entitled, "You Are Dreaming", "The Theory of Precognitive Dreams", "A Course on Consciousness" and "Living a Dream that Lasts a Lifetime". Usually, Vox Populi is reserved for people who are not known or haven't written books yet, but I believe his books were written as a result of the experience.





































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