Dr. Bill Deagle

DNA Biochip, Cataclysms, Underground Bases, & The Coronavirus

January 23, 2020

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Dr. Bill Deagle, with his unique style, shares his story for those who may not be familiar with his journey. We also discuss DNA Biochips, the history of cataclysms and what triggers them, underground bases, the coronavirus outbreak, and more.



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Dr Bill Deagle MD, is the host with Michelle Deagle of The NutriMedical Report. He teaches in the Academy of Anti-Aging and Environmental Medicine, presenting papers and research on topics from Functional Metabolic Anti-Aging Medicine to Radiotoxicology. His background includes biochemistry, nuclear physics, oceanographic bacterial genetics, and training in Family, Internal, Emergency, Trauma, Burn, and surgical as well as intensive care medicine. He has worked as a physician with government research on Operation Top Off and Dark Winter in Colorado on radiological and bio-terrorism prevention and logistics response planning. Dr. Deagle has had high level security clearance to work at classified projects as a physician for technicians and scientists as well as military officers, special forces and the special Munitions Chemical Forensics Team that examined the Alfred P. Murrah building after the bombing at Oklahoma City in 1995. His experience as a physician for military at US Space Command, NORAD, and advanced special projects have given him a new perspective in terms of clandestine projects, and the need for bio-protection of US and World populations.


































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