Steve Boucher

Beyond the Extraterrestrial Firewall: An Experiencer's Point of View

October 15, 2020

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In the wee hours of the morning during the winter of 1971, Steve Boucher and his band, "Harmony Grove" were heading home after performing at a house party in Vineland, Ontario. The van they were traveling in encountered an obstacle in the form of a large, brightly lit, saucer-shaped object resting on the road ahead of them. As they stared in wonder, they had no idea that it wouldn"t be long before they would meet the occupants... Recently, after 33 years of silence, Steve Boucher finally decided to go public in 2016. He now reveals his amazing story of multiple encounters with what he believes to be extraterrestrial beings commonly referred to as the "Greys". He describes the thorough investigation of his case by renowned UFO Researcher Budd Hopkins, then subsequently by the Canadian UFO Research Network (CUFORN). He shares the transcripts of several regressive hypnosis sessions he underwent during the investigation of his case and describes his struggle to integrate the recovered memories of the experiences into his perception of reality and how it forever changed his life.He explains how the experiences altered his spiritual beliefs and led him on an explorative journey into religion, Gnosticism, reincarnation, interdimensional portals, quantum mechanics, the simulated holographic universe hypothesis, multidimensional realities, mysticism, spirituality and eventually consciousness itself.


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Steve Boucher is an AutoCAD Draftsman who lives in St.Catharines, Ontario. He is also a musician, singer and fine artist. Steve has had experiences with non-terrestrial beings since he was a baby. The bulk of his experiences were buried in his subconscious mind for many years until he began to have brief flashes of conscious memory after reading Budd Hopkins" book "Missing Time". Steve then wrote to Budd Hopkins and informed him of the memories he was having. Budd then contacted Steve and invited him to come to New York and stay at his art studio in Manhattan for a week. Steve accepted the invitation and during that week in 1983, he underwent 3 hypnosis sessions which revealed that he had experienced repeated visitations from short grey-skinned beings approximately 4 feet tall with large eyes and large heads. After Steve returned to Canada, he went to a UFO Symposium in Toronto and met up with some people from a group known as CUFORN (The Canadian UFO Research Network). CUFORN has since disbanded, but they took over the case and did a thorough investigation of Steve"s recalled incidents. They scheduled several more hypnosis sessions for him, at which they were present and published the results of the investigation in their CUFORN Journal. The case was also reported in the MUFON Journal and another publication known as Flying Saucer Review. To protect his identity at the time, CUFORN gave him a pseudonym (Jack T.) However, he has decided that now is the time to reveal his identity to the public because he feels that the story needs to be told. Steve has remembered many more details and more experiences have surfaced since the initial investigation took place. Steve has a new book being released shortly on Amazon, called Beyond the Extraterrestrial Firewall.



































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