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Tune into Veritas Radio every Thursday for a new interview. Internet Talk Radio Recorded from somewhere in the desert, between Area 51 and Roswell, with host Mel Hostalrich.


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Guidelines & General Information
Tech support, guidelines and general information

Technical Support

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Sometimes your ISP may block our e-mail with your username and password.  First, check to make sure the e-mail has not been blocked or has landed in your spam/junk folder.  If you  still don't receive it contact us.

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How do I cancel my subscription?
Click the "Cancel Subscription" button at the bottom right of this page. This will redirect you to the PayPal website, from where you can cancel your Subscription to Veritas Radio. (You may have to log into PayPal first and then return to this page to click "Cancel Subscription" again, this will take you directly to the page from where you can cancel your subscription.)

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How do I listen?
All files are in .mp3 file format and you must have a player such as Winamp, Windows Media Player, Real Player or iTunes to listen.

You can access our Podcast by clicking here or you can directly access the xml/rss file here. Please note that we do not offer a Podcast "delivery" for our subscriber interviews at this time. However, you can simply download the second segment and still take Veritas with you on your iPod / MP3 player.

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Tech Support
If you need further technical support or assistance to set up an account? Please contact us


Subscription rates
Subscribe 3 months for $21.00 USD. You will get full access to our Member Section for as long you are Subscribing and don't cancel your Subscription. You will also get Full Access to all of our previous Subscriber Interviews going back to the beginning of our show. Our regular program goes back to December 2008. You will also get Full Access (posting and downloading capabilities) to our Forum (The Manticore). 

ATTENTION: The self renewing subscription is discounted as long ad you remain a member.  You can cancel at any time; however, if you cancel, no matter how long you still have left in your subscription, you will lose access to all benefits.

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General Guidelines
All the content available to Veritas Radio Members may not be redistributed or sold published, broadcast without our permission. Violation of the above will result in the termination of the offender's access to Veritas Radio Members Section.  Ask us instead!

What you get
We will offer 48 new subscriber interviews per year. That's about one new subscriber interview per week.

When you sign up you will also have access to all our previous subscriber interviews. Our subscriber archive dates back to December 2008.

You will also have exclusive access to The Manticore Forum and to our members chat room.

No Refunds
When you have made your payment you will have access to the subscriber section for the term you signed up for. At this time we do not offer refunds. What you pay for is what you get and our Member Section. Our subscription Option is 3 Months recurring. However, if you have a recurring subscription and cancel, access to Veritas and The Manticore Forum will be immediately blocked.

Veritas Radio reserves the right to add or remove audio files from the radio archive at any time.

We have upgraded our audio quality and offer all of our regular program in High Quality (48 kbps, 22 KHz, Stereo format) and ALL of our Subscriber Interviews are Available in High Quality (48 kbps, 22 KHz, Stereo format). For dial-up/modem users files are available in 24 kbps, 16 KHz, stereo format. For modem users: Enter the information page on each program and look for the "Modem Users: D

Terms and Conditions

The subscription is for personal use only.  Copyright © 2008 MANTICORE, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, transfer, sharing, public performance and broadcasting strictly prohibited. 


Why Subscribe?

How would you like to listen to an uncensored, unscripted and uncut show?  What do we mean?  Uncensored because no one is telling us what to say or not say, as many other shows that depend on advertisers and sponsors. 


Unscripted because nothing is rehearsed.  What you hear is what it is.  Uncut because we don't have set time limit.  If the interview warrants it and the guest agrees, we go into overtime.  And the key to VERITAS' success is the fact that there are no commercial interruptions.  Why is that important?  Guests feel more comfortable releasing information if they are not interrupted every five minutes - stream of consciousness is key.


VERITAS offers the best sound quality of most shows and keeps all our past shows available to members so you can download or listen at your leisure.


When you sign up you will get full access to our Members Section with Subscriber Interviews going back to the beginning of the show.  As long as you sustain your membership with us you will have full access to the Veritas Radio Members Section and The Manticore Forum.

Our regular Veritas Radio show (first segment) is free for everyone to listen. We carry all our past shows in our regular archive. A new show will be available once a week, on Fridays.

The purpose of this radio program is to inform and website is to inform, point towards interesting research and researchers, to grow and expand into other areas of media and to provide you with thought provoking, mind expanding information about a myriad of topics.


Mel is a strong advocate of UFO disclosure, rather than the norm of just presenting sightings, witnesses, and sensationalism. In other words, he directed by purpose.

When you  put things in perspective and realize that a can of soda costs about $1.00 and most people drink more than one a day, our weekly shows amount to $1.25 and we add a forum comprised from an international community that cares about the truth. In addition, we also offer a member/guest chat room.  In reality you get access to all our shows, forum  and guest chats (which are almost a live show) for about .17 cents US per day. is growing every month and we have big plans for the future. In a very short period of time, Veritas Radio has grown exponentially and as of August 31, 2009, 143 countries and territories are listening. This is the right time to become a Member!

Thank you for listening and for your support!

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Thank you so much for your interest. 

We hope you subscribe, not because you want to believe, but because you want to know.



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