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Cathy O'Brien | Project Monarch: MK-Ultra Mind Control


Ryan Dawson

An Uncensored Conversation about the State of the World + Epstein & Co


Jim Penniston and Gary Osborn

The Rendlesham Enigma

Dan Farcas, Ph.D.


An Answer to ET Contacts on Earth

Adele Casales Rocha

Portal: A Lifetime Of Paranormal Experiences

Nick Bryant

A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal


Freddy Silva

The Missing Lands: Discovering Earth's Pre-Flood Civilization

Stanton Friedman

The Life and Legacy of the Father of Modern Day Ufology [Classic]

Robert Davis, Ph.D.

Unseen Forces: The Integration of Science, Reality & You

Jeran Campanella

Apollo XI: 50th Anniversary Discussion


Michael Masters, Ph.D.

Professor Claims 'UFOs are Time Machines' from the Future

Jeff Harman

Astrology & Geopolitics: Second Half of 2019 Edition

Paul Hellyer

Hope Restored: Views on the World & the Universe

Etienne de la Boetie2

Understanding Our Slavery


Mark Steele

5G - SMART = Secret Militarized Armaments in Residential Technology

Steven & Kiersten Sedlmayr

What You Need to Know about Your Drinking Water

Aage Nost

Aliens & Agenda 21

Ryan McMahon

Consciousness, Reality, and the Nature of the Self


William Dean Garner

Romanic Depression: How the Jesuits Designed, Built and Destroyed America


Cody Snodgres

Choosing the Light: Dark Secrets of a Former CIA Asset

John & Bonnie Mitchell

Mnemonic Circles, TV Mind Control, & How to Free Yourself

Lorraine Day, M.D.

Why Doctors Can't Cure You & What They Won't (Can't) Tell You


Ole Dammegard


False Flags, Internet Censorship, & CIA Operation 40

Kenneth Gronbach

Predictive Demographics: 7 Top Trends That Will Shape the Coming Decade

Lawrence Spencer

Alien Interview [Encore]

Lawrence Spencer

The Roswell UFO, Nurse Matilda, The UFO Pilot, & "The Domain"


Diana Walsh Pasulka, Ph.D.

American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, Technology


Jeff Stegman & Clayten Stedmann

Transforming EMFs to Higher Frequencies with Focused Life-Force Energy

David Lonebear Sanipass

Elder Teachings from the Copper Scrolls, UFOs, & Uniting Humanity

Adrian D'Amico

Civilization Types, Fast Radio Bursts, & Detecting Non-Terrestrial Life


Mitch Horowitz

The Miracle Club: How Thoughts Become Reality


Paul Levy

Quantum Revelation: A Radical Synthesis of Science and Spirituality

Richard Alan Miller, Ph.D.

Gang Stalking, Voice To Skull (V2K), & Silent Hypnosis

Ben Davidson

Space Weather, Pole Shift, Solar Minimum, & The #1 Risk to Earth


Neil Kramer

Spiritual Warfare


Russell Brinegar

Overlords of the Singularity: The Manipulation of Humankind by Hidden UFO Intelligences and the Quest for Transcendence

Mel Fabregas

VERITAS: A 10-Year Walk Behind the Fog [Finding the Secrets in the Mist]

Jeff Harman

Decoding the Future with Astrology: 2019 Edition








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