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Veritas Scriptum: The Truth Is Written are Veritas Radio interview transcripts where the following topics, among others, are discussed: UFO/E.T. ~ Hidden/Forbidden History/Archeology ~ Parapolitics (Conspiracies) ~ Geopolitics (Current World Events) ~ Consciousness /Spirituality/Esoterism ~ New Science ~ Alternative Health ~ Paranormal Phenomena, and more. After a few years on the air I decided to include our interview transcripts in book format. I have a requirement for anyone reading or listening to our program: Be skeptical, but don't close your mind. Read this book or listen to our program (VeritasRadio.com) because you don't want to believe, you want to know. Volume 1 includes the first eleven interviews.

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The 5 W's of Veritas Radio 


1. Milton Torres, Ph.D. - The Milton Torres Declassified UFO Incident

2. Stephen Bassett - B. Obama: The Disclosure President?

3. Dr. Louis Turi - The Modern Day Nostradamus: 

4. Allan Sturm - Unidentified Lunar Objects in NASA Photography 

5. Stanton Friedman - Flying Saucers and Science 

6. Edgar Mitchell, Ph.D. - The Way of the Explorer 

7. Angelia Joiner - The Stephenville Lights 

8. Michael Salla, Ph.D. - Exposing U.S. Gov. Policies on Extraterrestrial Life 

9. John Lear - Who Lives on the Moon? 

10. Sgt. Clifford Stone (Ret.) - UFO Crash Retrievals and Technology 

11. Jim Sparks - The Keepers 

















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