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Don't take our word for it...read below.


Dear Mel,

I’d posed to you a burning question -- "Why can't we have it all?" -- and you gave this question, as all the others on your Christmas Eve program, your radiant consideration. I join the rest of your loyal listeners in thanking you for your contemplations, reflections, and rays of hope essential in moving forward into an uncertain New Year in a proactive and positive way.

Like a fireside chat, VERITAS RADIO radiates in the darkness of a conversation the light of Truth for humankind. Long enough are your programs’ hours for us to find our favorite chair and cozy up to our computer screens, and stare straight into the flame. We listen intently to the pop and crackle of topics being explored by you and your guests – and breathe in the oxygen of a deeper way of thinking that releases the embers’ glow.

I’m reminded of a card from Christmases past, which contained a quotation from an author unknown. It read:

"Four dry logs have in them all the circumstances necessary to a conversation for 4 or 5 hours. Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius."

The content of VERITAS RADIO burns freely and cleanly. Keep stoking those logs, Mel, with your optimism and genius in your global fireplace. Spring is on its way!

Most Sincerely,



I am a subscriber. In my opinion, this is one of the finest independent radio platforms out there. If you're looking for partisan politics and a world view colored in organized religion, don't go here. If you want intelligent, respectful, open-minded conversation and a commitment to facts and truth...and the courage to look at it squarely, no matter what it is, so that life-affirming solutions can be created, you might enjoy this show. These qualities are what I call connection to God, and spirit in action.

-Belle J.


My wife and I have been long time listeners and we enjoy the variety of guests and subjects that you cover. At 72, I find that I've never stopped leaning and this process should be continual until death. When a person stops learning, they are doomed by ignorance about an ever changing world. I have listened to many interviewers such as Kerry Cassidy, Alex Jones, George Noory and many others. I find that your style and method of interviewing is perhaps the standard that others can only aspire to. The fact that you are not argumentative, give the person a chance to finish their thought before asking a pertinent question, makes for a top-quality program. I notice that you ask a lot of the questions I would ask if I were there and some I never thought of . Anyway, kind regards to you and your family and wishing well for the upcoming year. Your work is appreciated.

Sincerely, Bill Betzler

"I have heard over 15 radio shows and yours lead them to NEW HEIGHTS. Your format, insightful questions and open mind are a true gift to ALL the guests you have on your show. Your show is like HD-3D while the 'others' are analog. Thanks for being TRUE and bringing a whole new level of professionalism and quality to this field. I wish you the most success and to all who come on your show, that have a TRUTH to share. I can't praise you and the show enough....;-)"

Cara F.

Veritas Radio - "Alternative Media for Discerning Minds." This weekly broadcast has become the go-to source of excellent interviews, uninterrupted, uncensored, intelligent discourse, no commercials. Host and owner Mel Hostalrich, a man with a family who lives somewhere in the desert, between Area 51 and Roswell. Keen-minded and well-prepared, Hostalrich, who began broadcasting on a lark in 2008, has nearly perfected the art of choosing guests, asking the right questions, and not derailing delivery. The first hour is free, but the second hour is always better. Join for $9.99/mo. It's worth it.

Karen Chaffraix

I'm a single mom on a shoe-string budget too, but Veritas is only $9.99 per month, less than a couple cups of coffee and worth more than I could EVER put a monetary value on. We've all been "supporting" cable and digital TV outlets for so long that give us nothing but fear and doom and gloom and "reality" that is nothing like Reality, it's time to "support" Truth in media. Veritas is exactly that. I'm so glad I made the commitment to this radio station, for myself and my family :)


Mel does a new show every Friday and the first segment is free. The second segment is via subscription ($9.99/month, no ads or breaks) and each show is 2+ hours or so. Topics range from typical 'conspiracy' stuff (like NWO, UFO, WTC, Black Projects...), to UFO/Paranormal, Gnosticism & Consciousness (without the New Age vibe), Government/Monetary Policy, HAARP, Chemtrails & Mind Control, Ancient Architecture, Alternative Health (Betty Martini's Aspartame show is a must-share), 2012, and all kinds of fascinating stuff.

Veritas' level of discourse is without peer on the internet, or any other media, and I ALWAYS learn new stuff on subjects where I thought I was up to speed. Unlike many other shows I also feel uplifted after listening, even when the content is pretty dark, b/c I feel empowered to either 'be the change' or confident that there are alternatives to the subterfuge when such bright lights come together to share.

Oh, and I'm not affiliated with Veritas or Mel, and don't benefit from the show in any way other than the pleasure and information gleaned when listening.



More testimonials here



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